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Free junk car removal in Cleveland, Ohio

Junk car removal was a lot easier years ago. You could crack open the Yellow Pages phone book, thumb to the cars section, and look for a nearby junk yard, tow truck company, or auto salvage business. 

These days, car donation charities and the Internet have combined to create a fairly new marketing term that is an umbrella for number of different industries: Junk Car Removal. 

It’s not necessarily a new term. It’s just has become mainstream by radio, Internet, television, and print ads for charities offering free junk car removal. Looking at the top results from major search engines would make one think that junk yards, towing companies, and scrap metal dealers are entities of the past. 

The reality is that online search results for junk car removal likely means that your old clunker will end up in same places as they would have when the Yellow Pages ruled the world

Donation charities that provide free junk car removal often work with local towing, junk yard, and salvage businesses to pick up your car. 

There is no issue with junk car removal becoming the accepted marketing term for the industry. The problem is that a lot of junk cars are sent to environmentally irresponsible businesses that do not embrace any type of Green standard. 

Decay cars leaking oil, mercury, and dozens of other harmful toxins on junk yard lots threaten ground water. Many junk cars are scrapped for steel, with the rest of the automobile left in growing landfills. 

If you need junk car removal, we suggest doing research to ensure that you find a removal company that cares about the environment. When selling your vehicle, seek junk car buyers that fix up cars for people who need cheap transportation. Look for companies that recycle more than steel. Ask how they dispose of fluids and heavy metals that pollute. 

Just because “junk car removal” has replaced “junk yards” doesn’t mean that the junk car industry has been brought up to date.

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