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We pay instant cash within the hour for your clunker and provide free towing removal

Sell a junk car in Cleveland, OH

scrap vehicleThe growth of the internet age has greatly increased the amount of places you can sell a car for solid money. Long gone are the times when you had only a few options. You either trade a vehicle to a dealer, put an ad in the local newspaper, or throw a sign in the front window with your phone number. 

The world wide web helps folks sell a car to a vast range of salvage companies, junk yards, steel recycling places, used parts dealers, and car dealers from all corners of the country. You can sell a car to a used car dealer hundreds of miles away in another state just as easy as you can sell a car to a local junk yard in Cleveland.

We work diligently to attract Cleveland residents and other locals of northeast Ohio to our website who want to sell a car. We work hard to earn your business, no matter if your vehicle is total clunker or running and in solid shape.

The easy access of the internet means that we reach more customers. Those customers can tell many more people in our region if we don’t provide a good price and dependable service. 

If you want to sell your car, simply call us or fill out the questionnaire on this page. We’ve worked for more than two decades in the secondary car market. In doing so, we have created a business that relies on return customers and word of mouth advertising. We are confident that you’ll be happy to sell us your cars in the future, as well.