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Sell a car online in Cleveland, Ohio

Millions of people look to sell a car online each month. The world wide web is a gigantic marketplace that offers the potential to sell a vehicle without the hassles typically associated with trying to sell it through a local car dealer or by traditional advertising. 

While it appears easier to sell a car online versus other ways, the web has its own set of challenges. 

Chief among them is identifying reliable car buyers among all the entities you’ll be met with when you enter “Sell Car Online” into a Google or Bing search. You’ll discover used car dealers thousands of miles away, junk car companies two and three states away, car donation charities and everything in between. 

The reality is that most vehicles over 10 years old or that have over 80,000 miles on them, cost more to tow away and store for a week than their Blue Book value. 

If your aim is to sell a car online that is running and in good shape, it only gets more complicated. Real world and online car dealers offer inflated trade-in values to make money on new car sales and financing. Used car lots offer cash for cars, but you generally have to pay towing and title transfer fees, meaning that dealers more than hour away could charge hundreds or thousands in fees. 

If your goal is to sell a car online, whether junk or serviceable, start by limiting your search geographically, and seek out car buyers within an hour of your home. Look for companies with no fees and free towing service. Get many offers from online companies before choosing which one to sell to. 

Don’t sign off on anything until you have cash in hand, and don’t be afraid to shop your car around to several online buyers. The web makes simple to find many more potential buyers.

If you have questions about selling your car, call our trusted team in Cleveland, OH for more information. We offer top dollar for scrap vehicles and those still running. Plus, we’ll tow them away at no cost to you.

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